Why Managed Hosting May Be The Best Option For You

Managed Hosting

Let’s face it, web hosting technologies along with the hardware and software behind it aren’t exactly the easiest of things to understand and comprehend, even for those with a little bit of knowledge. There are so many variables that come into play when running a reliable, secure and powerful server that can change the entire way it should be set up and run to best handle specific traffic or resource requirements and remain safe from intruders and other less than desirable occurrences.

This is where a good web host, such as Digital Pacific, steps in by offering the option of managed hosting for services such as virtual private servers, dedicated servers and cloud solutions to save you the hassle of trying to do it all yourself. Traditionally a web host provides you with the hardware and software required to run your server while leaving the technical side of managing it to you. This means that on an un-managed service you are left with the ongoing tasks of management such as software updates, firewall configuration, patch installation and security management. On the other hand, a managed option is completely handled on the providers end rather than yours which is a great option for you if you have limited experience with web hosting technology or prefer to just take away the additional headache of managing it yourself.

What Does Managed Hosting Include?

The options included within a managed hosting environment can differ from one provider to another, however the same core inclusions are offered by standard on just about any managed hosting option, Digital Pacific’s included. Essentially, a managed service means that all technical work is handled by the provider whilst you’re able to go about using your service just as you would if it were a standard shared hosting environment.

The following are just some of the inclusions of a managed hosting service such as a managed virtual private server or managed dedicated server provided by Digital Pacific.

Setup and Provisioning

The initial setup and testing of your hardware is completed and handled by us.

24×7 Monitoring

There is no need for you to monitor your server to ensure it is running correctly at all times as this is handled by Digital Pacific, at 5 minute intervals through SNMP.

cPanel Installation

cPanel can be installed by us to save you the hassle of doing it yourself. Please note that a cPanel license must be purchased prior to installation.

DNS Installation/Configuration

Your domain name servers are setup, configured and managed for optimal performance by Digital Pacific.

Operating System Updates

As with all software, Operating Systems are constantly under development which means new versions and updates are always being released. These updates are proactively managed and installed by us to save you the need to monitor for new versions and updates.

Troubleshooting Network Issues

All network issues are handled and repaired by Digital Pacific unless they are caused by third party applications. In the event of a technical issue caused by a third party application, support should be provided from the applicable vendor.

Advice and Expert Knowledge

Digital Pacific technicians are available to provide you with advice and answers regarding any hardware and server related issue or questions you have. This includes recommendations regarding performance, upgrades, improvements and best courses of actions to meet your requirements.

Choose Managed Hosting For An Easier Experience

If you don’t feel that you could handle, or have the time, to manage your own server then making the choice to pay that little bit extra for a managed service is well worth the investment. Let Digital Pacific manage all of the technical aspects of your server while you spend more time creating content, marketing and running your business without the additional hassle and workload.

With a Digital Pacific managed hosting option on your cloud, dedicated or vps hosting service you can be rest assured knowing that your data is in the best of hands

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