Some Cool Twitter Tools You Might Not Know About

Twitter’s simple and open platform has resulted in the creation of numerous Twitter applications and tools by those wanting to harness the benefits of this social networking system. The Twitter tools just keep coming, and with so many out there now, it’s hard to choose which ones to actually use. To help with your research, here are some cool Twitter tools you might not know about.

Hootsuite – Hootsuite is very cool, and if you manage multiple Twitter accounts, or have multiple users accessing one account, this program is perfect. The website displays all the various streams on the same page, such as your replies, direct messages and search streams. Hootsuite allows Twitter users to set up tweets to send at a specific time, and it allows you to check your click activity over time.

TwitpicTwitpic is a site that lets you integrate photos into your Twitter account. All you have to do is log in with your Twitter information, upload photos and display. Twitter will automatically pull in your photo, as well as any comments to them, as individual tweets. Twitpic also lets you track the number of times an image has been viewed.

TwtpollTwtpoll is another great resource for Twitter users who are looking for insights and feedback. Users simply log in with their Twitter account and create polls, which are then tweeted out to their followers. Twtpoll allows users to customise their polls page if they desire, and it tracks comments and re-tweets. Even better is the embed feature that makes it easy to display polls and poll results on other websites.

Tweepsearch – Tweepsearch is a tool that allows you to find more Twitter users by being able to search the Twitter bio section easily. Or, this tool can be logged into with a current Twitter account to let users search the bios of the people they follow or are following them. The creator has also integrated the ability to follow or unfollow directly from the search results!

TweetMeme – The TweetMeme website lists popular link tweets from Twitter with the number of times it has been re-tweeted. Basically, the site is a resource, such as Digg, where each re-tweet is like a vote for the link’s popularity. The tweets are organised on the site by category, making it easy to sort through the vast array of information presented on Twitter every day. The tool also provides a TweetMeme button that you can embed in your website or blog to help users re-tweet information they found useful or interesting.

These 5 Twitter tools are but a fraction of the options out there, but they should get you started. We at Digital Pacific dabble with these tools in particular, but what about you? Let us know what your favourite Twitter tool is and why by leaving a comment below.

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