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Digital Pacific’s Rapid Restore backup solution utilises a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) application, which enables scheduled point-in-time volume snapshots to be taken that only require the transferring of changed data. This allows us to take backups in a manner that minimises the impact of the backup process on the overall performance of the server. If you require your data to be restored from a point within the previous seven day period, or in the unlikely event of a catastrophic server failure, our Rapid Restore backup solution makes this an absolute breeze.

Hosting Backups

Digital Pacific's Web and Reseller Hosting plans come with continuous daily backups, preserving your data and allowing you to self-service restore when needed or automatically for a small fee.

Server Backups

Want to add backups to your Virtual Server or Dedicated Server? Digital Pacific's low cost, high-retention backup service gives you peace of mind and complete data protection.

Recover when disaster strikes with daily backups.

Digital Pacific have been a stalwart of the hosting industry since 2000. We understand the most important part of our industry is making sure we a strategic recovery plan and resilient backup servers that will ensure your data is always backed up and protected. Each Web and Reseller Hosting plan comes with at least 7 days of backup points, ensuring you can restore when needed.