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Dedicated Servers


Managed Dedicated Server

With great power comes great responsibility. Digital Pacific’s dedicated servers are typically classed as “self-managed”, a term that can have various meanings within the hosting industry. Here at Digital Pacific, it means that we only manage the hardware and connectivity of the server or device. Self-managed servers are generally designed for organisations that have their own System Administrators or other equivalent advanced users.


A fully managed solution is for people that want and require the power of a dedicated server without the responsibility. Purchasing a fully managed solution gives you peace of mind, knowing your service is going to be up 99.9% of the time. If you are looking for a solution that is pro-actively monitored, secured with a firewall and patched with the latest updates available, then fully-managed is the right solution for you.

To add management to your server, please contact our sales department.


Proactive Monitoring
Proactive Monitoring gives you peace of mind knowing that your server is being watched by our advanced monitoring systems. In the event that an issue should arise, one of our engineers will immediately investigate the situation and endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.

Server Backup Space (10GB Free On Application)
Backing up your data seems to be a task that passes to the back of your mind until the day you actually require one. Server backups are essential to secure and ensure safe recovery of your data in the event of a disaster or even human error regardless of the RAID configuration. Our backup solutions are connected to your server on a private Gigabit network. (You are responsible for the setup and configuration of your backups)

10GB Backup Space Free
20GB Backup Space $19.00 p/m
50GB Backup Space $35.00 p/m
100GB Backup Space $49.00 p/m
200GB Backup Space $79.00 p/m
500GB Backup Space $139.00 p/m
1TB Backup Space $219.00 p/m
2TB Backup Space $319.00 p/m
5TB Backup Space $419.00 p/m

(Optional Add-on) Automated Rapid Restore Server Backups ($25.00/month + storage)
If you want hassle free automated backups look no further. Continuous Data Protection – R1Soft is the ultimate backup solution for data protection and disaster recovery. (R1Soft backups attract an additional fee which is not part of the base management plan pricing)

Kernel & OS Updates
Server updates are a necessity when it comes to security. Using our Kernel OS Updates management service means you can sit back knowing your server has the latest updates as soon as they roll out.

Software Firewall
Software Firewall protection can be configured to run on your server giving it that extra level of defence against any unwanted intruders. We will fully customise the rules in respect to your specific requirements.

System Admin ($95.00/hr)
System administration may be purchased at $95.00 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

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