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Can you count the number of times the word “green” is being thrown around on TV, in magazines, or on the internet these days? Sometimes, it may seem that “being green” has become the latest fad, but fad or not, the idea is at least being put out there which is what matters most at the end of the day. Every little bit helps, whether that is from individuals recycling newspapers at home or global corporations switching to solar power to run their offices around the world.

Doing our part to help the environment is not something Digital Pacific takes lightly. Because of this, we have put forth every effort to ensure that each server, router, and air conditioner involved in the hosting of your website is eco powered. The power generated to run the operations actually comes from the wind farms of Lake Bonney in South Australia, meaning you can sleep easy knowing your website is being run by renewable means.

Since we take pride in providing green hosting, we also thought our customers would be proud to be running a green website. As our customer, you have the possibility to take a few minutes and display our Ecohost Verification Script on your site to let the public know of your choice. What our Ecohost Verification Script does exactly is offers your web visitors the opportunity to confirm you are in fact a green hosted and eco friendly website. When a visitor clicks the green badge to verify, the site will display a “verified” or “not verified” response.

Beyond this, Digital Pacific also purchases carbon offset credits depending on the carbon footprint calculated every quarter. The carbon offset credits cover the entire amount of carbon emissions calculated and help to put more renewable energy means to use. A lot of people do not realise the actual amount of energy needed to run the hosting and operations for their websites – an amount which when combined starts to account for a decent portion of the world’s electricity use. According to a study, “Estimating Total Power Consumption By Servers in the U.S. and the World”, by Jonathan G. Koomey, Ph.D., “Electricity use associated with servers doubled from 2000 to 2005, representing an aggregate annual growth rate of 14% per year for the U.S. and 16% per year for the world.” Since the popularity of the internet does not appear to be lessening any time soon, we foresee this trend progressing into the future and making the need for carbon offsets, and other green endeavours, even more important.

Even though Digital Pacific may not be the global monster that dominates an industry worldwide, we still feel that every business, or individual, no matter how small can make an impact. Just think what would happen if every business in Australia took the same steps in resolving their own carbon footprint. The goal may seem very far off in the future, but still achievable nonetheless. So until then, Digital Pacific will just have to help with the number of times the word “green” is being thrown around on the internet.

*To learn more about Digital Pacific’s green activities, visit the green hosting section of our website

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